The Department of Psychology and Counselling of the University has always been devoted to the practice of psychological counselling with a view to promoting community mental health and psychosocial competence in order to foster cohesion in society. In keeping with this practice, they have continued to provide free counselling services to the inmates of Shantidaan, the centre of the Missionaries of Charity at Lankeswar, Guwahati, as part of their regular field work. They have also facilitated the conduct of HIV/AIDS screening and VDRL testing by Assam State Aids Control Society (ASACS) for all the inmates there.

Going beyond field work, in collaboration with the Department of Social Work, the Department of Psychology and Counselling has initiated a Community Counselling Centre for the communities which surround the campus of the University.


The objectives of this activity are the following:

  • To identify the psychological and mental health problem areas existing among the communities in the vicinity of Azara
  • To identify the cause of such problems through the administration of appropriate psychological tools
  • To spread the knowledge about the relevance of counselling and its benefits to solve such problems
  • To spread the knowledge about the existence of a counselling services provided by the university for the people of the community
  • To provide counselling on a weekly basis and maintain a proper and up-to date documentation of the same

Through this service, the Department hopes to provide free counseling services to the youth and adults in the vicinity of the campus and to aid them in handling their personal or professional problems, which otherwise would be unmanageable for them. Services provided include individual and group counseling, marriage and family counseling, psychological, personality, and intellectual evaluations and medication management. The service will help them to cope with stress, depression, substance abuse and violence; assist couples having marital problems, parents having trouble dealing with their children and children and adolescents faced with family difficulties and peer pressure.


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