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Scholarship Based on Economic Status

The University, on the basis of Economic Status at the qualifying exam offers the following scholarships:

Programme(s) Eligibility Amount (per semester) Number of scholarships
Masters – HSS* Gross family income less than 2,00,000.00 per annum (to be certified by the Panchayat President or equivalent) fulfilling minimum eligibility criteria of the programme 10000 2
Masters - Sciences 10000 4
BTECH 10000 4
BA, BSc, BCom,  BBA, BCA 10000 6

These scholarships are awarded for a semester at a time. The awardees will continue to get this scholarship in subsequent semesters, provided they do not have any ‘F’ graded course in the previous semester. If the awardee has ‘F’ graded courses in any two semesters, the scholarship will be stopped.


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